Your deserved screen time

You spend too much time on your device?
You exercise too little?
This app will help you solve both problems!

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This app will help you limit the usage time of your devices based on how much you've worked out the day before. Yesterday you worked out for 30 minutes? Then today you can use your device for 30 minutes. This will push you to workout more and use your devices less.

Health App

Your workouts are read from the Health app. Some workouts, like walking, are automatically added by your iPhone or your Apple Watch while you exercise. The app allows you to manually add other types of workouts to the Health app.


You can also set a custom multiplier for each workout. For example you can set a 2x multiplier to earn two minutes of screen time for each minute of workout. Set a high multiplier for more demanding activities like running or going to the gym. This will push you to put more effort into the workouts that matter most.

Screen Time

To limit the use of your device this app will help you configure the Apple Screen Time feature.